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RxMobility is a botanical supplement that helps improve canine mobility and alleviate the discomfort that results from regular exercise and the effects of aging. The brief was to create a modern, strong and reliable brand that dog owners could trust. The team at RxMobility wanted a healthy, natural feel which we created by using a clear, crisp palette and clean photographic elements.


Georgia, USA



Branding - Website - Graphic Design - Packaging


The brief was to create a simple, easily recognizable  mark that could translate to multiple media. We were inspired by the classic prescription icon to craft a single mark comprised of the two main characters. The wave elements of the background of the icon convey a sense of the organic.


The team at RxMobility wanted a logo that would work practically across a range of diverse elements such as the website, packaging and print media. They wanted a ‘holistic’ look to reflect their business' emphasis on canine health and wellness. We interpreted this through bold botanical colours and a sans serif font.


The client wanted packaging that would stand out from the competition and draw the consumer's eye to the product. Brilliant colour and graphic elements showcase the introduction of a unique product with characteristics that not only satisfy a rapidly growing market market niche but offer new and additional benefits to the customer. The sans serif font enhances readability and is carried through into the website space.


RxMobility needed a fresh set of print media, hard goods and promotional items for trade shows and events. Offering both the consumer and industry professionals the necessary information in a modern format with repeating visual elements helped reinforce brand identity.


The brief was to create a multi-page website that would showcase RxMobility's product, services and philosophy. We incorporated social pages and kept the focus on big, beautiful images that highlight both the founders and the audience's love of dogs. Simple menus and a light, airy background make the site a breeze to navigate.

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